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L’Oréal present Dans Ma Peau : When sun meets Skin with skin expert Françoise Bernerd

Even at 150 million kilometers from Earth, the sun has an effect on our health. The impacts of solar radiation are very varied: from tanning to sunburn, from freckles or moles to signs of premature aging, and, in serious cases, even cancer. Skin is the first barrier that protects the human body from the sun’s rays. And every day, our exposure to solar light leaves traces on our skin, according to the intensity and type of UV rays to which…

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The future of the customer experience is revealed at the Cannes Lions festival

The red carpet for creatives After the stars of cinema in May, La Croisette welcomes the leading figures in the creative industries, from marketing to television, for the “International Festival of Creativity.” Created in 1954 and based on the model of the Venice and Cannes film festivals, the Cannes Lions awards recognize the best work in creative marketing over the previous year. Its trophies, in the shape of a Lion, “have set the benchmark for creativity and effectiveness for the…

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L’Oréal Brandstorm: L’Oréal offers an immersion at Station F to the winners

Elaborated with the dermo-cosmetic division of the Group, the 2019 challenge invited students to propose an innovation in the field of skincare for health centric consumers, using connected technologies. And, for the first time, the group awarded the winners with the prize of Intrapreneurship which offers a 3 months immersion program at Station F, the biggest startup campus of the world where they will benefit from L’Oréal experts help. This year, it’s an Indonesian team who was awarded for their…

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L’Oréal celebrates 10 years of Citizen day and more than one million volunteer hours

Every year for the past 10 years, L’Oréal employees have been dedicating an entire day of their work time to bringing their skills and energy to hundreds of social and environmental organisations. These solidarity actions namely include running well-being workshops for disadvantaged individuals, helping unemployed people with their resume, renovating homes for elderly or disadvantaged people, or collecting waste in nature.   “Citizen Day has become a major moment in the Group’s calendar.” said Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of…

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Tech For Good Summit: Jean-Paul Agon co-chaired the Tech For Good Diversity Session

This summit aims to show how disruptive technologies can have a positive impact on our society. This year, five workshops were on the agenda: Education; Diversity; the Future of Work; Economic Inclusiveness and the Environment.   On May 15, L’Oréal’s Chairman and CEO Jean-Paul Agon co-chaired the session “Tech for Diversity” with Gillian Tans, CEO of Together they advocated for a tech that would promote an inclusive workplace.   During this session, 20 CEOs and Marlène Schiappa, Minister of…

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L’Oréal at VIvatech : Watch how we showcased the future of beauty at VivaTech 2019

    As you can see, our innovations focused on four main themes—Limitless Creativity, Limitless Tech, Limitless Agility and Limitless Personalization—which we believe will define the future of beauty. So, let’s take a closer look at what we demonstrated.   Limitless creativity In the video, you saw our 360° immersion wall, inspired by social media beauty content. Powered by AI, it allowed viewers to surround themselves with stunning images of the most relevant beauty trends. A great way of gaining…

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L’Oréal Diversity & Inclusion : How Duo Day helped us learn more about disabilities

Josiane and Emeric, french duo at the Consumer Products Division. ©Alain Buu     We took 24 L’Oréal employees with us who all volunteered to spend a day with a disabled professional or student. To find out how the event went we hooked up with Blandine Thibault-Biacabe, HRD for L’Oréal France. Why do events like Duo Day matter? Taking part in Duo Day is a clear reflection of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This should come as no surprise when…

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L’Oréal at Vivatech – 16th &17th of may: our agenda and key speakers

Limitless beauty for all   As part of our vision to shape tomorrow’s limitless beauty, we’ll be showcasing a range of new concepts and sharing our expertise in tech and digital. This means visitors will get the chance to hear L’Oréal thought leaders share their insights on everything from creativity to agility and personalization. Consequently, there’s a whole host of talks, round table discussions and keynotes that you can enjoy. So, to make it easy for you, here’s a complete…

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L’Oréal Vivatech – 18th of may : Everything you need to know on our jobs

VivaTech is the tech event of the year, with over 100 000 people from across the globe descending on Paris between 16th and the 18th May. L’Oreal will be there, too. One reason is to learn about and share new innovations. Another, equally as important, is to meet and greet talented people from near and far. Digital Careers talks on the L’Oréal Stand   That’s why, on the final day, Saturday 18th May, we’re hosting ten talks at our stand,…

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