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L’Oréal Diversity & Inclusion : How Duo Day helped us learn more about disabilities

Josiane and Emeric, french duo at the Consumer Products Division. ©Alain Buu     We took 24 L’Oréal employees with us who all volunteered to spend a day with a disabled professional or student. To find out how the event went we hooked up with Blandine Thibault-Biacabe, HRD for L’Oréal France. Why do events like Duo Day matter? Taking part in Duo Day is a clear reflection of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This should come as no surprise when…

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L’Oréal at Vivatech – 16th &17th of may: our agenda and key speakers

Limitless beauty for all   As part of our vision to shape tomorrow’s limitless beauty, we’ll be showcasing a range of new concepts and sharing our expertise in tech and digital. This means visitors will get the chance to hear L’Oréal thought leaders share their insights on everything from creativity to agility and personalization. Consequently, there’s a whole host of talks, round table discussions and keynotes that you can enjoy. So, to make it easy for you, here’s a complete…

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L’Oréal Vivatech – 18th of may : Everything you need to know on our jobs

VivaTech is the tech event of the year, with over 100 000 people from across the globe descending on Paris between 16th and the 18th May. L’Oreal will be there, too. One reason is to learn about and share new innovations. Another, equally as important, is to meet and greet talented people from near and far. Digital Careers talks on the L’Oréal Stand   That’s why, on the final day, Saturday 18th May, we’re hosting ten talks at our stand,…

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Discover the future of beauty with L’Oreal at Vivatech 2019

What to look out for at the L’Oréal stand To help people better understand our vision of beauty which is accessible to all, tailored to the aspirations of people everywhere and powered by digital, we’ve created four sections. Each of these showcases different ways in which our business is evolving. This includes offering more personalized services, making our production more agile and sustainable, as well as integrating our consumers into the creation process. So, let’s take a closer look.  …

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L’Oréal – Dans Ma Peau: Skin, a fabulous ecosystem

An ecosystem is the sum of all the living organism that interact in a system. One of the defining characteristics of an ecosystem is resilience – the ability to recover from a shock. Like a forest after a fire, a healthy ecosystem must be able to bounce back. On the surface of our skin, lives an invisible layer of billions of microorganisms, microbes, bacteria, fungi that interact with their environment. This ecosystem that we carry with us every day of…

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Dans Ma Peau: An illuminating journey into the heart of the skin.

Before the advent of multiphoton imaging, the idea that we could travel inside the skin was just a fantasy. Today, this technique has completely revolutionized skin research, notably in cosmetics. It offers the benefits of a biopsy without having to cut the skin. Ana-Maria Pena, microscopist, tells us more about this revolutionary technique, through a fascinating interview that you will find above. Her research focuses on the application of FLIM multiphoton microscopy to the study of 3D skin and the…

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Fast Company magazine has recognized L’Oréal’s My Skin Track UV by La Roche-Posay in two categories as part of its 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards. My Skin Track UV, the first battery-free wearable sun-safety sensor, was named a finalist in the awards’ “Health & Wellness” category and received an additional honorable mention in the category of “General Excellence.”  My Skin Track UV was developed by L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator in partnership with L’Oréal’s dermatological skincare brand La Roche-Posay. It was first…

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I Tired Skin Fasting For Two Weeks and I’ll Probably Never Do It Again

I’ve experienced a few heartbreaks in my lifetime, but nothing as hurtful as having to break up with my skin care products for two weeks as part of what the beauty industry has dubbed “skin fasting.” See, they say it takes 21 days to start or break a habit, yet it only took two days into my skincare-free journey to realize that skin fasting was not for me. No one forced me to do it. In fact, many of my…

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25 Braided Hairstyles for Fall 2019

Pippi Longstocking, who? Dorothy from Oz could never. It’s time to take your braid game to the next level. Let Solange, Ciara, Gabrielle Union, Selena Gomez and more offer inspiration for your next hair style. From braided crowns to box braids down to the floor, it’s time to try something new. Source link

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