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Toning My Scalp Helped Cure My Dandruff

As much as I love getting my hair done, I dread every single time I sit in a hair stylist’s chair. You see, I’m self conscious about my dry scalp. Dandruff. Flakes. Whatever you call it, it has afflicted me my whole life. I cringe every time a stylist starts brushing out my hair, shameful of the light snowfall that will come from my scalp as soon as they start brushing. I can’t escape: If my hair is being styled…

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Ciara Just Cut Her Hair into a Pixie Cut

Ciara—singer, fashion icon, and hair chameleon—is always down for switching up her look. Her ability to keep it (funky) fresh has always kept her fans on their toes. Most recently, Ciara wore a gorgeous set of brown ombré locs to the CFDA Fashion Awards last week. Now, she already has a new hairstyle this week that’s giving us major ’90s Toni Braxton vibes. At Monday’s ACE Awards, Ciara debuted a dramatic hair change. She went short for the summer in…

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MJ Rodriguez on Season 2 of FX’s Pose, Stories About Black Trans Women, and the Power of Makeup

FX changed the landscape of television with the premiere of its groundbreaking Ryan Murphy drama, Pose, back in June 2018. The show made history by not only having the largest ever transgender cast in series-regular roles on television, but also tapping Janet Mock to be the first trans woman of color to direct and write an episode of TV. Part of Pose‘s success is due to a riveting performance by lead actress MJ Rodriguez, who stars as the generous, supportive…

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Best Press-On Toenails – Press-On Toenails Review

It’s officially sandal season, and given the new trend of barely-there footwear, I’ve been extra conscious of the state of my feet. Calluses, ashiness, and month-old chipped polish have got to go. One secret I’ve been relying on when these warmer days took me by surprise? Press-on toenails. Yup, I’m talking adhesive fake, painted toenails that give you an instant pedicure. Sounds weird and slightly off-putting, but I am now a big believer. I wish I could be the kind…

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Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands

Though Jessica Alba now helms a billion-dollar clean lifestyle empire, there was a time when the actress-turned-business mogul was apprehensive about switching to a non-toxic makeup routine. She had the same reservations most people have when it comes to “green” products: it felt intimidating. “I was freaked out as a new mom. I’m not a hippie. I can’t just be living off the land!” she tells “I was like, what’s the alternative? [Consumers] want something that’s cool, youthful, and…

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Is an Alzheimer’s Cure on the Horizon?

By the time I was old enough to ask my grandmother questions about her life, it was too late. All I had were skeletons of stories I heard from my mom. I knew that it had been difficult for my grandmother when her parents, Irish immigrants on the vaudeville circuit, left her behind to help care for her younger brother when they traveled. But who cared for her? I heard about how, after her parents became successful radio stars, she…

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Why You Should Try a Back Facial for Back Acne

Though summer fashion trends come and go, one that always sticks around is the backless cut. Whether you’re rocking a halter dress or living in your bathing suit all season long, hanging outside in the summer months usually means that your back is exposed to the elements, and of course, sweat. Sweat is often the main contributor to skin inflammation and back acne (or “bacne”), which is only made worse when you aren’t able to effectively clean your back thoroughly…

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What Is a Microcurrent Facial?

The beauty industry is rife with over the top claims about “miracle” skincare products and services, but one too-good-to-be-true innovation I can confidently get behind is the microcurrent facial. It involves using a low-grade electrical current to “train” your facial muscles to appear more lifted, tightened, and firm. In fact, its nickname is the “non-invasive facelift.” You know it actually works because it has been used medically since the 1980s, approved by the FDA as a muscle stimulator to treat…

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15 Best Deep Conditioners For Every Hair Need

Getty Images Not to be dramatic, but deep conditioners are the best thing that’ll ever happen to your hair. Unlike your typical conditioner, a deep conditioning treatment is usually a heavier, more intense formula that works overtime to “repair, reduce breakage and split ends and improve the overall health of the hair,” celebrity stylist and “Curl Queen” Nai’Vasha Johnson, whose clients include Yara Shahidi, Janelle Monae, and Serena Williams, tells According to Johnson, deep conditioning treatments work best on…

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