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Natasha Denona Selfridges Exclusive Palette

Natasha Denona Selfridges Exclusive Palette This is my first foray into Natasha Denona products and I think I started in the right place! Selfridges has plenty of pulling power for international brands and can insist on products that are UK exclusives to just them which means that beauty fans can get things that aren’t available anywhere else. Everything about this palette is impressive and it’s a long time since I’ve swatched and reviewed a palette of this size- 28 shades.…

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A Tour of my Kitchen

  “Tour” is a bit of a grand word to use, isn’t it, for what amounts to a quickish snoop around the room that I cook and eat in, but there we go. It’s a thing, online, apparently. House tour, office tour, tour of my makeup kit, bathroom cabinet tour, tour of my shoe closet. The internet is stuffed to the gills with tours of this and that, and who am I to ruin the fun with a sensible (more accurate) title? Quickish…

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A Day at the Flower Fields

Ah you guys I feel like I have been major slacking on my blog! I know I have been MIA with announcing book club books and keeping up with series etc. Honestly I have been really busy with Barefoot Blonde Hair and just spending any other time with my kids. But I am trying to get back on track. I really notice a difference when I don’t schedule things out and use the different “tools” I normally use to stay…

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California Chicken, Veggie, and Avocado Rice Bowls

Hey all! It’s Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest, I’m back today sharing a quick, easy, and healthy recipe that’s perfect for the summer days ahead. Funny enough this is a recipe that I’ve been making for my family for years now. It’s actually one of the first recipes I shared on HBH… and one of the most popular. Growing up, my dad would serve my brothers and I chicken and rice multiple times a week. No one complained, one because…

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Make Up Trend Shades for 2020

Make Up Trend Shades for 2020 How weird to be looking at trends for 2020 but BASF (via Cornelius), which is one of the world’s largest chemical companies, future predicts with beauty ingredients that are designed showcase the kinds of shades/colours that the beauty industry might be following in the next couple of years. Basically, with forward trends, beauty brands need to be formulating about now to be ready so the ingredients have to be ready. A two year time…

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12 Ways to Be More Productive

1. The Under 2 Minute Rule: This one I learned while listening to a podcast a while ago – I honestly can’t remember which podcast or who said it though! The Under 2 Minute Rule means that if a task will take less than 2 minutes to accomplish or cross of your list, you do it RIGHT then. So if it is sending a quick email, putting something away, scheduling something, whatever it is you can’t delay and have to…

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Pregnancy Safe Makeup: What to Use? When to Worry?

It probably is not a surprise that I get a lot of questions about pregnancy safe skincare and makeup. After all, I have a full guide to pregnancy safe skin care, and I am constantly reviewing ingredient lists of products to let my readers know if products are safe to use during pregnancy or not. Recently there’s been a big increase in questions about pregnancy safe makeup, and what to worry about. Most of the emails and PMs about pregnancy…

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Sweaters are for Summer, Too

Hey guys! It’s Hannah! I grew up in deep south Texas, so the concept of a ‘summer sweater’ was not only foreign to me but completely incomprehensible. How could you possibly want to wear a SWEATER during the SUMMER? It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I understood the need for one. With that said, sweaters are my favorite thing to wear. They’re super cozy and come on, who doesn’t get excited come sweater weather? But, guess what…

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Red Light Therapy at Home: How to Choose a Device, Treatment Times and More

Imagine being able to improve every possible skin concern, from acne to wrinkles—along with hair loss, injuries and infections—with zero downtime, side effects or safety concerns. Believe it or not, you can, with red light therapy! In Part 1 of this interview with light expert Joe Hollins-Gibson, we talked about what red light therapy entails, and the key skin, hair and health conditions it can treat.  Thanks for watching!Visit Website Joe is the founder of Red Light Man, a retailer…

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I Bought A Dress! | British Beauty Blogger

Other Stories Dress I’ve just bought the most bonkers dress from & Other Stories! I’ll say straight away that they don’t have it on-line yet (only in store), but they do have the blouse version which, if this wasn’t for a specific occasion, I think I’d have gone for to wear with jeans, skirts or shorts. Other Stories Dress It’s kind of floaty and chiffony with a draw string waist so it can go as loose or nipped as you…

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