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[youtube] THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE Death is inevitable. Everyone of us will die. But why are we so scared to talk about it like it’s taboo? A person close to my heart died suddenly. These are the things I learned from the painful experience. Hopefully, this video inspires you to appreciate the people around you so you don’t have any regrets in the end. Thank you for watching! SUBSCRIBE to this channel for more inspirational talks and…

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this is the hardest video i’ve ever had to film

This really is the hardest video I’ve ever filmed. I honestly wasn’t even going to ever bring this up in a video or be this honest in how I’ve been feeling, but I guess something in me thinks it may help someone or something. Love you guys x ———————————————————————– HERE’S MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS – come say hi! INSTAGRAM: @_stephanielange_ TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: stephilalalange FACEBOOK: MY BLOG: ———————————————————————— For all business enquiries, brand collaborations or influencer opportunities, please contact FTC…

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well this is difficult to talk about… abortion / domestic abuse / mental health

Hey my loves, welcome to another #AskStephanie episode! Tonight we’re chatting about some pretty intense / difficult topics. If you’re triggered by abortion, mental health issues or domestic abuse, maybe skip this video. If you have any advice for the gorgeous ladies who wrote in asking for help, please leave it in the comments! Love ya. X Some resources: If you have an issue you want my advice on, you can either comment here under this video, or you can…

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This psychological disorder makes people pull out their own hair

Do you constantly pluck hairs from your head or your face when stressed? You might have a disorder called trichotillomania. Following is a transcript of the video. Dena Rabinowitz, PhD: Trichotillomania is compulsive hair pulling. Where people pull out their hair either from their head, their face, or anywhere on their body in response to either a habitual need to pull, a compulsive feeling, or anxiety. When people with trichotillomania pull their hair, they’re often looking for different things. Some…

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This video was pretty difficult to film tbh. I never thought i’d ever be so open about my mental health issues, especially on the internet. Hopefully by me filming this video it might help one of you to know you’re not alone if you’re also suffering from OCD or anxiety. x ———————————————————————– HERE’S MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS – come say hi! INSTAGRAM: @_stephanielange_ TWITTER: @stephilangeMUA SNAPCHAT: stephilalalange FACEBOOK: stephanielangemakeup MY BLOG: ———————————————————————— For all business enquiries, brand collaborations or influencer…

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never thought i’d tell you this… | VLOG 7

Hey my LangeFam! This weeks vlog is a bit different i suppose… I never thought i’d tell you guys this, and I honestly didn’t think i’d ever discuss it on the internet, but I really want these vlogs to be an honest account of my life, so in this vlog i’m as brutally honest with you as I can be. I get my lash extensions done at in Galway. They’re amazing! x ———————————————————————– HERE’S MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS – come…

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