Red Letter Days Experiences – Editor’s Picks – Beauty Article

This month’s exclusive member reward partner is Red Letter Days, a brand pioneering the concept of giving unforgettable experiences as gifts. With all LiB members receiving 20% off an experience of their choice with their July boxes, and my goal of making memories over accruing materialistic ‘stuff’ I don’t really need, I’ve hand-picked my top five Red Letter Days Experiences that I know you’ll love. With over 4,000 to choose from, Red Letter Days give their customers an unrivalled choice…

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Why YOU should support #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek – Beauty Article

In support of #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek, today we’re speaking to our Managing Director, Charlotte, about our latest partnership with women’s cancer charity, The Eve Appeal. With the recent launch of our #GetLippy box, we’re celebrating the cause by smashing taboos around gynaecological health and opening up the conversation surrounding the huge benefits of supporting such a fundamental charity. So, why are we supporting The Eve Appeal, and why do we think YOU should join us? Q Why was The Eve Appeal such an important charity…

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New research shows that women are potentially putting their lives at risk because they aren’t equipped with the right language to talk about their bodies with doctors. The Eve Appeal has launched its national #GetLippy campaign to provide women with the right information and confidence to talk clearly about anatomy and symptoms in order to better diagnose key health concerns, including the five gynaecological cancers. Today, team LiB will be smashing gynae taboos often associated with gynae health to aid…

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