End of Year Essentials the Signs (Part Two) – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Gemini December to January usually features jam-packed schedules with parties and meet-ups, which can make it hard for Geminis to find time to wind down properly. They’re always talking to people, so starting a journal is a great way to develop the habit of breaking down information each day. This practice will ensure at least a good 15-minute break for their busy minds to rest and reconnect with themselves. Having this humidifier on creates a calming environment and…

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Brand Spotlight: VT  – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Launched not too long ago, VT was founded in 2010 by Gonsen Inc. Though you may know it better as a cosmetics brand, VT actually started in oral care first! The brand launched its Think Your Teeth collection in 2014 and has since expanded into producing skin care and makeup products. VT is made for minimalistic and simplistic souls who are looking for basic but effective products. The brand places great importance on using natural ingredients and ensures…

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