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Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Body and Life – Beauty Article

Life has come to a standstill for people across the world and many countries have gone into a complete lockdown because of the corona virus outbreak. Though the situation requires people to exercise precautions and stay alert, it’s also one where a lot of people have realized the importance of a strong body and immune system that can ward off potential diseases. Vitamins and minerals are essential to run all bodily functions smoothly. It should be taken into consideration that…

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Vitamin E: Moisturize and Protect Dry, Winter Skin – Beauty Article

Is anyone else wondering when spring is going to start or is it just us? Dealing with the crisp winter air that makes our face dry and our hands even drier is getting pretty tiring but there’s one ingredient we know we can reach for time and time again when we need an extra boost for our lifeless skin- Vitamin E. What is Vitamin E? Also known as tocopherol, Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates…

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Ingredient focus. What Is Ferulic Acid? – – Beauty Article

Ferulic acid occurs primarily in seeds and leaves. Ferulic acid (FA) is a phytochemical commonly found in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet corn and rice bran. Ferulic acids not only contribute to wall assembly, they promote tissue cohesion, restricting cell expansion, but also control the mechanical properties of mature tissues. UV absorption by ferulic acid organizes stable formation and  makes potent its ability to terminate free radical chain reactions. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation generates oxidative stress in skin creating photodamage (The structural and deterioration…

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