What is the best sunscreen? What new science reveals – beautybulletins.com – Beauty Article

© 2018. BEAUTYBULLETINS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DO NOT REPRODUCE OR REPUBLISH CONTENT WITHOUT PERMISSION. UVA is out all day all year and causes wrinkles and age spots, so daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is the best antiaging skin care step a person can add to their daily beauty routine. Some people have concerns about certain ingredients in sunscreens Attention has focused most on the ingredient oxybenzone and whether it is a hormone disruptor. One study showed uterine growth…

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How the Dock & Bay Hair Towel enhances your blow dry! – Beauty Article

I’m (Jem, Editor) terrible with my hair; incredibly lazy, in fact. Thankfully, our resident hair guru, Harri, is on hand to pass on her secrets. This month’s member reward partner is none other than Dock & Bay, the experts in quick dry, fast absorbing towels – and we’ve put them to the test! Blow drying hair can be tedious and lengthy, especially if you struggle to tame your tresses. Finally. A super absorbent hair wrap that’s both light and compact…

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A chat with leading skincare visionary Dr Murad – Beauty Article

This month’s Haul of Fame Most Wanted Product shines a light on the globally renowned brilliance of the Murad brand, and if you’ve not tried this cult classic, you don’t want to miss out (it’s around for ONE MONTH ONLY). To celebrate Murad’s Haul of Fame debut, we wanted to introduce you to a world leading visionary – the founder of this unbound skincare brand, Dr Howard Murad. Dr. Murad is recognised worldwide for his unmatched scientific innovations, which is why we’re…

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Empties and near empty products – Beauty Article

It says a lot about a product when a beauty blogger finishes it! I get so many products to try, that I don’t always get a chance to finish stuff off before I have moved onto the next item that needs reviewing. If I finished every product I used before I started another, I would have no content for the blog! However, there are some that over time, I have come to the end of and I have decided to…

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What you need from Moogoo Ireland – Beauty Article

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Moogoo. I have raved about Moogoo on my blog and social media for a long time now . They hold such a special place in my heart because they have quite literally saved me on so many occasions and I am not the only one they have done this for.  All you have to do is a quick google and you will find reams upon reams of people saying how…

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Back to school wardrobe – The Beautiful Truth – Beauty Article

September marks a new beginning for so many. For me, January is all doom and gloom, new diets and credit card bills. I love September because it gives me the fresh start without all of the new year new me malarky. September is not only my favourite time of year for fresh starts but I adore Autumn Winter fashion and with a new school year starting, I am ready for an injection of some new bits into my wardrobe. Scarves, ballerina pumps…

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