24 Signs that your Weight Loss is Permanent – Beauty Article

Weight loss is a gradual process and there are no shortcuts to lose weight overnight or in 10 days. Those who promise such changes most likely would be short-term benefits and most likely you will gain back all those extra kilos. That’s why Rati Beauty diet programs stress on making lifestyle changes, laying great importance on healthy clean eating along with exercise to lose weight. Dieting should all be about giving proper nourishment to the body while cutting down calories…

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15 Transfat Food Items you should Avoid to Lose Weight Effectively – Beauty Article

Over the last few years, transfat has gained absolute notoriety as a category of food item that can completely derail one’s health and experts have highly recommended complete elimination of transfat from the daily diet because it is absolutely “bad news” for your heart. FDA has taken a big step that would prevent a lot of heart-attack related deaths by regulating the addition of tranfat to food products. In a remarkable resolution, the World Health Organization (WHO) wants complete elimination…

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