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To Me, From Me – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

You guys, I had to do it! LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT TJ’s! This 12 Days of Beauty gift box is $20, and it comes with 12 beauty minis exclusive to Trader Joe’s. Everything it comes with is listed on the back (and reproduced below), so it’s not a super-hard-to-figure-out surprise…but if you don’t wanna know what it comes with (SPOILER ALERT), look away meow. I’m serious, look away! This is your last warning… Water Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream…

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Crazy Clips for the Win! – Beauty Article

Don’t mind me! Question for ya: Have you arrived at that point in life when you don’t care if the world sees the weird things you do to bend your hair to your will? Although I’m not quite the lady at the supermarket with the giant pink curlers in her hair yet (because she don’t give an eff what people say when she’s buying frozen breakfast burritos!), I’m almost there. I’ve taken to wearing these long hair clips when I’m…

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