Artificial Sweeteners – Should You Be Using Them When Trying to Lose Weight? – Beauty Article

People with pre-diabetic and diabetic condition and also those who want to shed weight consider sugar-free artificial sweeteners a boon and an answer to their prayers. Artificial sweeteners are considered best substitutes to refined sugar because they add fewer calories in comparison and do not cause sharp spikes in insulin as such. White/refined sugar has obnoxious amount of empty calories and can raise insulin levels, eventually leading to weight gain and health problems like diabetes and inflammation in the body…

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Is Stevia Safe? | – Beauty Article

If you are a fitness and health freak who counts calories with every bite and haven’t yet heard about “stevia,” then you are probably living under a cloud! For the health-conscious and for the multitudes of people trying to lose weight, stevia is a blessing. Why, you ask? With the increase in diabetics in our country and also proportionally increasing health-conscious people, sugar substitutes have gained a huge market and more and more people are now switching to stevia and…

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