#AD 15% Off Liz Earle Skin Care – Beauty Article

There are few skin care brands as adept at speaking to all women as Liz Earle. Remember when Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser arrived? It took the beauty world by storm and still sells at rate of one bottle every 17 seconds – for good reason. Not only is it a super-effective cleanser, but it appeals across the board – you can be 17 or 107 and it’s going to cleanse and nurture your skin just as nicely and…

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#AD The Body Shop Eye Colour Sticks – Beauty Article

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I love an eye stick! I’m really into mono shades on my lids to easily cover the lid without any fancy smoking, crease colouring or shading and it’s liberated my make up routine. AD The Body Shop Eye Colour Sticks The point about an eye shadow stick is that it needs no brush – it’s a simple as using a crayon – just colour and go. I like to add a dark…

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#AD Elizabeth Arden Great 8™ Eight Hour® Daily Defence Moisturizer SPF35 – Beauty Article

Skin care is complicated! Overwhelmingly so, in some instances, which is why Elizabeth Arden has simplified looking after summer complexions by making one complete product – Great 8™ Eight Hour® Daily Defence Moisturizer SPF35. Multiple beauty research findings suggest that multi-taskers are the future of beauty with product layering and intricate regimes taking a back seat. I mean, who has time? And yet, it’s not so much about time – it’s about paring back without losing any benefits and gaining…

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AD Prebiotic Skincare With Murad – Beauty Article

A few years back, I went to a cosmetic skin care lab where they measured the bacteria on my face. I was truly horrified as the complexion scanner revealed I was a very generous host. Fast forward to now and we are embracing our microbes and learning how to feed the essential bacteria that keeps our skin healthy and resilient. Murad Prebiotics We all have both good and bad micro-organisms in and on our bodies. Trillions of them, everywhere (technical…

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#AD Summer Moisturising With Diprobase – Beauty Article

As the UK gears up for summer, anyone with dry skin conditions greets the onset of wall-to-wall sunshine with trepidation. If you’ve read this blog for a little while, you’ll know that we have skin issues in our family – for Lucy, my daughter, in particular, dry and itchy skin is an on-going issue and I keep everything you could imagine to hand to help alleviate it. Hers tends to flare up in summer but for others, winter could equally…

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