Wellness Edit with Our Design Assistant – Beauty Article

When it comes to wellness, Abigail considers three things — simplicity, efficacy and impact. Without further ado, here are her favorite go-to’s… New favorite part of my wellness routine! This mask goes on as soon as I open my eyes and take a few minutes to center myself. It feels like a weighted blanket for my face — bringing instant relaxation while also reducing puffiness and giving me a well-rested appearance. It’s also great after a long day at work,…

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What’s the Deal with Gua Sha? – Beauty Article

Gua sha has existed for many years and, because its results are basically magic, it’s not going away anytime soon.  From lasers to needle to lights to scary-looking gadgets you can’t even name, it seems like anything that’s all the rage in skincare these days requires a combination of batteries, plugs or a licensed technician. We’re truly living in the technology age of self-care and while innovations are undoubtedly exciting, sometimes all we really want and need is something simple…

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