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Chapter 25: Simple Ways to Care For Your Neck – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Everyone is constantly taking care of their face by cleansing, toning, masking and moisturizing. But how often do we take care of our neck? Just like the face, your neck is also prone to aging. Your neck can easily show signs of aging, especially if you don’t give it enough attention. Don’t neglect your neck or you’ll start seeing creases! Want to get rid of creases? Then it’s time to step up your game when it comes to…

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Chapter 23: Your Guide to After-Sun Skin Care  – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Spending your days soaking up the rays is fun and relaxing, but remember, too much of a good thing may not be good for you. In this case, I’m talking about too much sun. It’s understandable to want to enjoy your time outdoors since it’s summer after all. Just be sure to give your skin a little extra TLC after a long day of baking in the sun. Here’s a quick guide on what products to use and…

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Minimalist Skin Care Routine with HYGGEE – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — I absolutely love everything about summer except one, which is perspiring profusely. This is especially inevitable when I live in a city where humidity levels hardly ever drop below 50%, making summer even hotter. Aside from switching to lighter makeup in the summer, I also cut down on the skin care products. To keep things light and uncomplicated, I found four products from Korean brand HYGGEE that fit right into my minimalist morning skin care routine. HYGGEE takes…

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