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Lotus Organics Luxurious Comfort Hand Creme with Shea Butter Review – Beauty Article

Lotus Herbals has come up with a new range of skincare products called Lotus Organics. I have picked up a hand creme from this range – Lotus Organics Luxurious Comfort Hand Creme with Shea Butter. My hands get dry nowadays and need good hydration; I have been using this hand cream for a couple of weeks and let’s see how it worked for me. <img src="" alt="Lotus Organics Luxurious Comfort Hand Creme" width="800" height="733" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-584313" srcset=" The post…

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Do you put Face Oil Before or After Moisturizer? – Beauty Article

WATCH RATI’S MAKEUP VIDEOS, GET WEEKLY DIET PLANS FOR WEIGHT LOSS, AND READ IMBB REVIEWS EXCLUSIVELY! DOWNLOAD THE RATI BEAUTY APP! Facial oils are a much-hyped skin care product and rightly so, they are totally worth the hype. Facial oils may add a extra step in your beauty ritual, but the effect beauty oils can have on your skin is really big. Facial oils when used correctly can be a complete game changer for your skin. Since ancient times, our…

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