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5 Ingredients to Add to Your Self-Care Routine in 2020 – Beauty Article

Now that you’ve had a few weeks to settle into this new year — and decade — let’s talk about the self-care ingredients that should be on your radar over the coming months. Like so many of the best things in self-care lately, nothing on this list is new, but they’re all poised to come into their star power in 2020. Get on them now and have the privilege of saying, “Oh, I used that before it was cool.”  …

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Stay-At-Home Glamour: Why Lounging In Is The New Going Out – Beauty Article

Stay-At-Home Glamour: Why Lounging In Is The New Going Out Refills are free, pillow talk is flowing, life is good… Already feeling like skipping the elaborate restaurant dinner you tentatively agreed to maybe join if absolutely nothing else comes up eventually? Truly, you aren’t alone. We’re kind of riiiiight in the middle of a cultural phenomenon where the cool kids aren’t following the old-school rules anymore. It’s quite possibly the first time in history that a good time isn’t really…

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Chit Chat with Rowena Tsai – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — If you’re all about self-love, self-care and productivity – and if you haven’t already discovered her – then it’s time you check out Rowena’s YouTube channel, where she shares tips and insights on coping with daily stress, ways you can get your life together, and why it’s important to take a break sometimes and just be a couch potato. While Rowena is all about inspiring her audience to be the best versions of themselves, she’s also passionate about…

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Accepting The Gift of Being An Empath: Part One – Beauty Article

Empaths often absorb the emotions of those around them — so how do empaths take care of THEMSELVES? Nina Endrst begins by identifying some of their gifts… When I was about 19, I fell for a man – he was incredibly charming, good-looking, “mature” – he worked in sales in NYC. He owned his midtown Manhattan apartment – a pretty incredible accomplishment for a 20-something – and I was impressed. He was a scrappy dude and even though I knew…

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Wildling, I Think I Love You – Beauty Article

Just as a wildling thrives in its natural habitat, this LA-based wellness brand hopes to inspire every human to feel wild and natural, especially in their skin. These days, it seems you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a video of someone dragging a piece of stone over their of-course-luminous face. To the uninitiated, the practice is called “gua sha” and chances are pretty high that the person doing the dragging is Britta Plug, esthetician and holistic health practitioner extraordinaire…

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Selfkaire For Your Self Care – Beauty Article

“A foam roller on steroids” is but one description of Kathy Chou’s innovative new facial tool. Read on to learn more about its importance as part of a thorough self care routine. Many founder stories are birthed from a need to source a product that doesn’t yet exist. What were you looking to heal in yourself? Selfkaire was created out of necessity — after working exhausting, sedentary, 80-100+ hour weeks, which resulted in a host of health issues. I suffered…

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