Your Blackhead Survival Guide – Beauty Article

While I may always have a smattering of blackheads on my face, it’s far better to learn how to care for and deal with them in a smart way. While I’m the first to admit that there are few things in life more satisfying/gross than successfully squeezing something out of your skin, I’m also the first to admit that self-extractions aren’t a good idea. Especially when it comes to blackheads. After “learning my lesson” more than a few times, I’ve…

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What’s Better Than A Cali Mindset? – Beauty Article

The story of how 31st State got started is a tale as old as time and involves teenage boys, and hormones. When Stephanie Capuano’s two sons hit puberty and began experiencing the skin issues that are so common among teens, she wasn’t thrilled with any of the conventional offerings on the shelf. As a mother, she was concerned not only that what her boys were slathering on their faces would work to calm and heal their skin, but also that…

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