How to Lose Weight with Calisthenics without Going To The Gym – Beauty Article

A lot of us although desire to shed extra pounds, visiting the gym is the last option on our list. We are willing to do whatever alternative means to lose weight other than of course hitting the gym. There’s this one very popular way to lose weight and that’s “calisthenics.” So, in this post, we would try to explore this weight loss technique without hitting the gym and that too in effective and time-saving manner. Before we embark on the…

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How To Maintain Weight once you have Reached Goal Weight? – Beauty Article

A lot of us after reaching our goal weight often let go of all diet and exercise routines and often tend to gain back all the weight that we have lost. Most people tend to find it difficult to hold on to our ideal weight after months and years of hard work, sweat and sacrifice. So, in our tireless pursuit of being relevant and informative, today we have decided to address concerns about “how to maintain weight once you have…

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10 Types of Workout Before Bedtime to Slim Down – Beauty Article

Just no time for an early morning workout? Calm down girl because we got your back! There are so many exercises to do right before your bed-time, and according to a recent study individuals who perform exercise right before hitting the bed had benefits similar to individuals who had early morning workouts! So the good news is that there are plenty of workouts to incorporate in your night-fitness routine and the best part you get to sleep like a baby!…

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