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Amill’s Super Grain Skin Care Cleansing Routine – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Korean skin care brand Amill focuses mainly on cleansing products formulated with superfoods quinoa, oatmeal, chia seed, rice and flaxseed. For someone like me who has oily skin and loves waterproof makeup, a good cleansing routine is incredibly important. That’s why I’m reviewing Amill’s entire Super Grain range. Before getting into the cleansing products, it’s important to know the main ingredients and what benefits they promise to deliver. Oatmeal is a gentle ingredient…

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Chapter 34: Skin Care Routine for Acne-Prone Skin – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Dealing with acne isn’t fun. It can be stressful especially if they seem to be popping up constantly on your skin. Finding the right skin care products that work for acne-prone skin can take time as you need to make sure that the products don’t make things worse.  Not sure how to soothe and heal your blemishes? Let this chapter be your guide to helping you find the ideal skin care products to…

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Chapter 23: Your Guide to After-Sun Skin Care  – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Spending your days soaking up the rays is fun and relaxing, but remember, too much of a good thing may not be good for you. In this case, I’m talking about too much sun. It’s understandable to want to enjoy your time outdoors since it’s summer after all. Just be sure to give your skin a little extra TLC after a long day of baking in the sun. Here’s a quick guide on what products to use and…

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