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Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall – Beauty Article

Your skin can love autumn weather, too, and the transition from summer-to-fall doesn’t have to be as brutal as spring-to-summer. Summer is great for a lot of things: sweating, bug bites, sunburn, general lethargy. (Can you tell I’m not a big fan of the season?) But in all seriousness, one thing that can be great about summer is how your skin behaves. Sure, it may take a few weeks for your face to transition from the milder weather of spring…

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The Global Skincare Buzz Fueled By French-Girl Hemp and Korean-Beloved Bees – Beauty Article

French girls ride the hemp wave, and South Korea wants bees to live their best lives, too. There’s a new buzz in beauty town, and it’s coming from two faraway places. French girls are finally riding the hemp wave, and have (of course) taken it one step further. French native Laure Bouguen, a pink-haired pixie with an entrepreneurial edge, was inspired to make it third-gen family legacy by her grandparents who grew cannabis in the 60s for paper production. Now…

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The Right Way to Do Nighttime Skin – Beauty Article

Performing a nightly skincare routine is great…but have you ever considered the importance of just when you start? Surprise — it’s time for a pop quiz! When it comes to your nighttime skin routine, you do it: A: Right before I climb into bed (unless I’m too tired). B: What nighttime skin routine? C: When I shower — two birds, one stone. D: Um, I do it at night. Because it’s my nighttime skin routine. E: None of the above.…

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Decoding The Ingredients In Your Sunscreen – Beauty Article

Get up, walk into your bathroom or wherever you keep your sunscreen and take a look at the bottle. Read the ingredient list on the back.  Do you know what they all are?  I know you just sat down to read this enlightening and highly-educational article, but before you go any further, stop. Get up, walk into your bathroom or wherever you keep your sunscreen and take a look at the bottle. Read the ingredient list on the back. Read…

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How To Treat A Sunburn – Beauty Article

What exactly IS a sunburn? Is it really possible to make the pain and redness and embarrassment go away? Yes, it most certainly is… So you had a little too much fun in the sun and now you’re paying the price to the tune of hot, itchy, red skin? No judgement — we’ve all been there. And hopefully, the discomfort you’re dealing with will serve as a nice reminder for next time to never skimp on SPF. But, in the…

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Get That Skin Woke, Naturally! – Beauty Article

On days when you’re, this 4-step fix delivers instant skin energy… Some days your skin just feels tired. Really tired. You might have gotten a decent night’s rest but, for some reason, your skin is not as awake and healthy-looking as it normally is. Where’s the coffee for your complexion? Consider this instantly-reviving routine — designed to energize, stimulate and deeply cleanse — the jolt you need to wake up your face. In addition to boosting your circulation and…

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What’s the Deal with Gua Sha? – Beauty Article

Gua sha has existed for many years and, because its results are basically magic, it’s not going away anytime soon.  From lasers to needle to lights to scary-looking gadgets you can’t even name, it seems like anything that’s all the rage in skincare these days requires a combination of batteries, plugs or a licensed technician. We’re truly living in the technology age of self-care and while innovations are undoubtedly exciting, sometimes all we really want and need is something simple…

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