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It’s In The Bag – Beauty Article

It’s In The Bag Resident makeup artist Jewels — and her go-to bag — debut their never-leave-home-without FP beauty essentials… Your name: Jewels. Where are you from? Born and raised in Ireland. What do you do? Makeup artist for 15 years, 5 of those with FP!   What are you best known for? Creating immaculate, luminous skin.  Current obsession: Products that glow, shimmer, sparkle or shine!!  rms Beauty Lip2Cheek This is an amazing dual-purpose blush and lip colour. Easy application — just…

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The Right Way to Apply Highlighter – Beauty Article

If you’re not interested in learning how to literally make your face seem like it’s glowing from within, that’s fine. But you’ll be missing out on the makeup miracle that is highlighter. Aside from the fact that highlighter is pretty much universally flattering (something no makeup product in the history of makeup products has been able to do since mascara IMHO), its ability to instantly make dull skin light up and accentuate your facial features makes it a must-have. That…

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How to (Use) Blush – Beauty Article

An unfortunate incident as a teenager quickly humbled me in the presence of blush. Today I’m here to impart my learnings onto you… The first time I remember being horribly embarrassed by my mother was when I was 14 years old. I had somehow gotten my hands on a bunch of cheap makeup (thanks, suburban shopping malls!) and decided to experiment with it right before a family dinner. I thought I looked amazing; that I’d really nailed the whole no-makeup-makeup…

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Sun-Safe Makeup for Long, Hot Days – Beauty Article

Because the best makeup this season comes with SPF, sunscreen already built in. How easy is that?     When it comes to sun protection, you can’t overdo it. The more areas of your face you can shield from the UV rays, the better. Which is why it makes sense to combine your SPF efforts with makeup — swiping on formulas that offer a little contouring and color along with sunscreen. Lately the options have expanded far beyond foundations and BB…

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Standout Lip Shades to Match Your Mood this Spring – Beauty Article

Your lip color can change everything — here’s how to apply like a pro. The fastest mood boost you can get this spring: swipe on a bright lipstick. There’s a real mind-body connection between looking colors and feeling certain emotions (happy, energized, mysterious). Plenty of “rules” exist about how to pick a shade that matches your skin tone, but sometimes the best advice is to pick a color that you feel drawn to—and just experiment. Makeup is, after all, a…

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How to Use Makeup Sponges – Beauty Article

Introducing the many wonders of the makeup sponge, a humble tool that’s been around for decades but that’s only recently been revamped and is experiencing a well-deserved renaissance. If you’re still using brushes or your fingers to apply makeup, it may be time to try something new. (And no, I’m not talking about those fancy schmancy airbrush machines that blow nanoparticles of foundation onto your face.) Allow me to introduce you to the wonders of the makeup sponge, a humble…

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