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How To Reduce Side Fat From Back – Beauty Article

With the Durga Pujas, Dussehra and Diwali just around the corner, most of us would be planning to go all ethnic in sarees. But a lot of us would shy away from wearing ethnic clothes, shying away because of bulges on the back and fat deposit. Today’s topic of discussion will be on how to reduce love handles and fat bulges that stick out way to prominently show up when we wear low-cut blouses. In this post, we would discuss…

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8 Ways to Reduce Side Fat in Back Quickly – Beauty Article

Struggling with side fat in the back? This could be an alarming sign for you! Unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, improper sleep schedule could be the reason for fat storage in the body, the good news is that with some work, you can get a healthier and toned body. To be more precise, we’re dealing with side-fat and also called as love-handles, isn’t the name cute? But love handles can really effect one’s self-confidence. According to fitness trainers, spot reduction is…

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