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The No BS List of What I’m Loving Right Now – Beauty Article

I thought it would be fun to do a totally random, non-review, non-sponsored type of blog post and let you guys know what I’m up to (and what I’m loving – or NOT loving) right now! This post is based on the “Taking Stock” templates that bloggers like to post! You can grab these words and post your own. If you do – let me know in the comments so I can go read it! Wishing: Seriously wishing my hair…

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What Is A Swamp Cooler And Do You Need One? – Beauty Article

I remember when I first moved from Louisiana to California (about 17 years ago), a coworker mentioned that she used a swamp cooler to beat the aggressive Los Angeles heat. As someone who was born and raised near actual swamp land, I thought it was weird that I had never heard that term before. I have since learned that an evaporative cooler (AKA “swamp cooler”) is something that can only be used to beat the heat in DRY climates. It…

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