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Get That Skin Woke, Naturally! – Beauty Article

On days when you’re just.so.tired, this 4-step fix delivers instant skin energy… Some days your skin just feels tired. Really tired. You might have gotten a decent night’s rest but, for some reason, your skin is not as awake and healthy-looking as it normally is. Where’s the coffee for your complexion? Consider this instantly-reviving routine — designed to energize, stimulate and deeply cleanse — the jolt you need to wake up your face. In addition to boosting your circulation and…

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Sun-Safe Makeup for Long, Hot Days – Beauty Article

Because the best makeup this season comes with SPF, sunscreen already built in. How easy is that?     When it comes to sun protection, you can’t overdo it. The more areas of your face you can shield from the UV rays, the better. Which is why it makes sense to combine your SPF efforts with makeup — swiping on formulas that offer a little contouring and color along with sunscreen. Lately the options have expanded far beyond foundations and BB…

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Standout Lip Shades to Match Your Mood this Spring – Beauty Article

Your lip color can change everything — here’s how to apply like a pro. The fastest mood boost you can get this spring: swipe on a bright lipstick. There’s a real mind-body connection between looking colors and feeling certain emotions (happy, energized, mysterious). Plenty of “rules” exist about how to pick a shade that matches your skin tone, but sometimes the best advice is to pick a color that you feel drawn to—and just experiment. Makeup is, after all, a…

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Everyday Oil’s Guide to Asheville, North Carolina – Beauty Article

Where to eat, relax and recharge, according to Everyday Oil founder Emma Allen. Emma Allen is not the first beauty entrepreneur to create a botanical oil. But, despite the very saturated market, her Everyday Oil has managed to stand out and inspire an impressive cult following. Allen was inspired to create the restorative, plant-based recipe for her own skin, after trying all of the other options out there and not loving any of them. So she researched, experimented, and perfected…

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How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face and Body? – Beauty Article

Exfoliating is not that complicated, especially if you follow this easy guide for face and body (and for always) care… Exfoliating is an important yet often misunderstood beauty ritual. Sloughing your skin too often can cause irritation and yet not doing it at all can lead to build-up of dead cells (and a lot of dullness). Then there’s the issue of should you exfoliate your face as often as your body? So many questions. We’re here with some answers —…

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