Red Letter Days Experiences – Editor’s Picks – Beauty Article

This month’s exclusive member reward partner is Red Letter Days, a brand pioneering the concept of giving unforgettable experiences as gifts. With all LiB members receiving 20% off an experience of their choice with their July boxes, and my goal of making memories over accruing materialistic ‘stuff’ I don’t really need, I’ve hand-picked my top five Red Letter Days Experiences that I know you’ll love. With over 4,000 to choose from, Red Letter Days give their customers an unrivalled choice…

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5 Body Positive South African Instagrammers You Should Follow – Beauty Article

So, you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “body positivity” floating around a lot lately. But what does it mean, and are you excluded if you aren’t ‘plus-size’?  Body positivity is unlearning the idea that only certain bodies and physical appearances are worth acceptance and praise, and instead recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable. It’s about looking within and deciding what feels good and healthy for yourself. It’s about allowing others to do the same and understand that you…

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The Fabulous Products You Need This Season – Beauty Article

You guys have been LOVING our brand new Fabulous Beauty Awards box, and we’re not surprised – it’s amazing value and houses an incredible line-up of products worth over £100 (for only £25!). Want to be let in on a secret? We simply can’t get enough of these six fabulous beauty heroes… Loved by our Editor & Social Media Manager Jem, Anastasia Beverly Hills has coined the perfect brow pairing. Blend a small amount of this waterproof pomade (a cult classic from…

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Tada & Toy is the ultimate jewellery brand for earring lovers, blending fun playful designs with timeless Scandinavian style. Designed for the show stoppers and head turners, this month’s exclusive member reward partner is not one to be missed. This highly fashionable, London-based brand is iconic among jewellery fans worldwide, and this month, we’re giving every LiB customer who builds their box a £10 voucher (with no minimum spend) to put towards jewellery of their choice. Designed to layer, love…

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Getting Down To Earth – Faithful to Nature Natural and Organic Blog – Beauty Article

We sat down with Marlize Nel, owner of Down To Earth, to discuss what inspired her to start this all-natural skincare range and what being part of the Faithful To Nature family has meant to her. “For years I have been using the African Potato Cream for my sunburn, never did I dream that I would one day own the brand.” – Marlize Nel Spanning a career of more than 13 years in the financial services sector, I never felt settled…

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Back to our Roots: Herbal Hair Dyes – Beauty Article

Humans have been making use of Mother Nature and all her natural secrets for thousands of years, from the air we breathe to the nutrients we gain from the foods she provides. One such natural gem is different plants and their ability to dye our hair and skin. Two such plant dyes, and the most well-known ones, are indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) and henna (Lawsonia inermis), which are still used today as effective hair dyes and conditioners. And as only Mother Nature can provide, it…

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What the Heck is Face Yoga? And Why You Should Add it to Your Daily Practice – Beauty Article

Most, if not all, of us understand that regular exercise is a great way to maintain health and vitality. An added advantage to weekly spinning or Pilates classes is looking great in your favourite pair of jeans or rocking your swimsuit on the beach. Anyone who says they don’t care about how they look would be lying. So when we read that stimulating massages or facial exercises are as effective for obtaining a youthful looking face as a botox injection,…

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Take The ‘Litter’ Out of Glitter: Biodegradable Glitter at Your Fingertips – Beauty Article

Become a part of the guilt-free glitter revolution! Planning a little ones’ next birthday party? Or perhaps you’re piling tents, camping chairs and fairy lights into your hatchback and heading off to an offbeat music festival? Either way, you can do your bit to take the ‘litter’ out of glitter with the latest innovation in body art and crafts. Now you can shine bright like a diamond while keeping it environmentally conscious with vegan-friendly and cruelty-free biodegradable glitter. Why the…

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