Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Body and Life – Beauty Article

Life has come to a standstill for people across the world and many countries have gone into a complete lockdown because of the corona virus outbreak. Though the situation requires people to exercise precautions and stay alert, it’s also one where a lot of people have realized the importance of a strong body and immune system that can ward off potential diseases. Vitamins and minerals are essential to run all bodily functions smoothly. It should be taken into consideration that…

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5 Food Items to Boost Immunity to Lose Weight – Beauty Article

The most under-rated but highly successful way to lose weight and slim down is by boosting your immunity. It has been revealed through a number of studies that weight loss and high immunity levels are interconnected. In this post, we would try to unravel how to boost immunity to lose weight and find out food items that would help you to boost immunity: 1. Oranges: Oranges have high vitamin C content, can help control sugar levels. With its high vitamin…

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