How to Use Witch Hazel in Your Skincare Routine – Beauty Article

The more popular something becomes, the more people try to cheapen or “dupe” it. The same goes for skincare. We’ve seen a rise in both interest and general knowledge of skincare routines, formulas and products, yet we continue to see clients who insist on creating DIY formulas for skin concerns that could easily be remedied with the right over the counter product. You may think that making your own products is the answer, but we’re here to (gently) remind you…

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5 Secret Ingredients to Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation – Beauty Article

Continuous exposure to sun and pollution takes a heavy toll on our skin and some of the major effects that one can visibly see are hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and dark spots. Added to the misery are other factors like hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits which compound the issue of hyperpigmentation. Women follow makeup hacks to conceal dark spots and hyperpigmentation, but who wouldn’t want to get rid of them completely instead of hiding these flaws. All of us love…

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What is Retinol: The Ingredient Missing From Your Skincare Routine – Beauty Article

If you’re someone that pays close attention to their skin, there’s likely been (or will be) a defining moment in your life where you notice that your skin doesn’t have quite the same look and feel that it used to. Whether this unfortunate revelation happens at 25 or 45, it’s bound to happen. And when it does, we want you to be prepared with the best possible plan of action. That plan of action? It’s Retinol. What is Retinol? A…

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How to Brighten Skin and Lighten Dark Spots – Beauty Article

Let’s talk dark spots: tons of people have them and tons of people want them gone. Scientifically, this skin concern is known as hyperpigmentation and can result from scars, sun burns and even pregnancy. But even if addressing hyperpigmentation isn’t your number one concern, no one can say no to a fresh, glowing complexion. So, how do you brighten skin and lighten dark spots? Read on to learn more. Which Ingredients Brighten Skin? Choosing the right ingredients is the first…

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PCA Skin x Hey Aprill’s Pigment Perfecters Starter Kit – Beauty Article

“Every product in this kit will help address those needs. Not only will you experience a noticeable reduction in dark marks, but your skin will be healthier overall.” –HeyAprill Brief background on how we got here: Back in January, I had the opportunity to be whisked away to sunny (and freakishly warm) Arizona to meet the PCA Skin team. In addition to meeting the team, I was given the opportunity to learn the day to day operations of the brand…

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