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How to Lose Weight without Losing Muscle Mass – Beauty Article

In this post, we would turn our focus at certain methodological aspects of our daily workout regimes. A lot of us complain that in our sincere commitment to lose weight, we sometimes end up losing muscle mass as well – and that is a pretty sad setback. You have your fitness goals and have set your sight to achieve those pretty flat abs that you have been working hard on to get and then you end up losing your muscle…

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How Low Carb Diet helps with PCOS? – Beauty Article

WATCH RATI’S MAKEUP VIDEOS, GET WEEKLY DIET PLANS FOR WEIGHT LOSS, AND READ IMBB REVIEWS EXCLUSIVELY! DOWNLOAD THE RATI BEAUTY APP! Today, we shall talk about an issue that has become a cause of concern and disconcertment for a majority of women all over the world. We shall about PCOD or PCOS (polycystic ovarian disease/polycystic ovarian syndrome) – a medical condition that afflicts women of reproductive age, caused by the formation of small collections of fluid or follicles in their ovaries…

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