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Marmite of the beauty world, liquid eyeliner tends to be the product you embrace or avoid in its entirety. In a bid to lure you away from the latter, we’re celebrating this month’s Haul of Fame Most Wanted from Eyeko and granting you access to three eye-conic liner looks that even the most hesitant can master. Whether you think liquid eyeliner isn’t for you, doesn’t suit your eye shape or is just too much of a faff (we’ve all been…

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Get day to night ready with SUQQU + STYLE – Beauty Article

With our latest Style Summer Essentials box (get yours here), we’re showing you how to flex your quads, SUQQU style. With one full size Designing Color Eyes palette among the line-up (worth £46 – the price of this box), you’ll receive one of four shades in your box. Whatever shade you receive, these versatile eyeshadow quads allow you to gradually build and layer colour to achieve beautifully sculpted eyes. Today, I’ve put these palettes into action, testing two shade variants that…

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How the Dock & Bay Hair Towel enhances your blow dry! – Beauty Article

I’m (Jem, Editor) terrible with my hair; incredibly lazy, in fact. Thankfully, our resident hair guru, Harri, is on hand to pass on her secrets. This month’s member reward partner is none other than Dock & Bay, the experts in quick dry, fast absorbing towels – and we’ve put them to the test! Blow drying hair can be tedious and lengthy, especially if you struggle to tame your tresses. Finally. A super absorbent hair wrap that’s both light and compact…

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