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Emotional Eating – 14 Tips to Control Stress Eating to Lose Weight – Beauty Article

Various studies have established that most morbidly obese people end up in the situation that they are because of emotional eating. Emotional eating is a situation where one eats to feel good and pleasant, to cope up with trauma, to relieve stress, rather than to satisfy hunger. The food that emotional eaters choose are usually high-fat, high sugar, calorie-rich food full of transfat and other toxic ingredients, extremely unhealthy for the human body. When someone depends on food to cope…

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12 Healthy Eating Hacks to Lose Weight – Beauty Article

Read Rati Beauty Diet: The Right Way to Lose Weight Today, we have decided to delve into is most certainly a great topic of mutual interest and concern for most of our readers assuredly, given the busy schedule we all live and lead. It is tough to spend hours at the gym or remain true and dedicated to a strict diet regime. In this ultra-fast, career-driven era, time for self grooming and dedication to diet regimes is near impossible. But then…

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