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Lime Crime Black Friday Deals – Beauty Article

Up To 85% Off Lime Crime’s Holiday Makeup Sets Lime Crime’s 2019  limited edition Holiday Collection has made it decadent to deck your haul. A collection ready to dazzle you all- filled with classic lippies, paired minis, eyeshadow palettes, and cutest combo hair color sprays. They’re blizzardly cool to give (and receive) the Lime Crime Holiday Collection. Get your lips mistletoe-ready with the Mini Velvetines Set featuring classic holiday hues. Try monochromatic looks with the Venus XS Holiday Palettes, or tinsel…

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What Ingredients to Mix in Henna Powder to Make White Hair Black – Beauty Article

It goes without elaboration that with age comes greying of hair – the most natural of human physiological transformations – irrespective of your gender – a true biological equalizer. Also, nowadays, with increased stress, pollution, and chemical exposure, premature ageing is a common issue. For the purpose of hiding grey hair, the most natural method a majority of people opt is by applying henna. Henna is extensively used in India for auspicious occasions, for weddings, and festivities. Henna is the…

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