11 Power Food Combos To Speed Up Weight Loss – Beauty Article

It’s a wrong notion that starving yourself or going on a crash diet, depriving the body of essential vitamins and nutrients, will melt the fat and bring down the weight like magic. But as we have mentioned earlier, starving does not work for weight loss, unless it’s intermittent fasting, where’s there’s a window period of fasting and feasting. Regular exercise, healthy eating, following the correct type of a diet, will show good results. However, there are also certain food combinations…

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12 Ways to Boost Metabolism To Burn Fat – Beauty Article

WATCH RATI’S MAKEUP VIDEOS, GET WEEKLY DIET PLANS FOR WEIGHT LOSS, AND READ IMBB REVIEWS EXCLUSIVELY! DOWNLOAD THE RATI BEAUTY APP! It is kind of a “no-brainer” that one gets to burn more fat and far more weight with increased metabolism and as such it is quite obvious that if we could find some means to boost our overall rate of metabolism, we could accelerate the process of losing those extra pounds and reach our goal weight sooner. And guess…

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