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Beauty Tips to Beat Jet Lagged Skin  – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – Beauty Article

<!– — Summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, which means many of you will be heading back home from your summer travels. As much fun as traveling can be, it’s exhausting – especially if you’re taking long-haul flights. Jet lag doesn’t just affect our bodies, but also our skin. If you’ve just come back from your vacation and find yourself suddenly dealing with skin problems, then you’re most likely suffering from jet lagged skin. Does your skin look…

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Do you put Face Oil Before or After Moisturizer? – Beauty Article

WATCH RATI’S MAKEUP VIDEOS, GET WEEKLY DIET PLANS FOR WEIGHT LOSS, AND READ IMBB REVIEWS EXCLUSIVELY! DOWNLOAD THE RATI BEAUTY APP! Facial oils are a much-hyped skin care product and rightly so, they are totally worth the hype. Facial oils may add a extra step in your beauty ritual, but the effect beauty oils can have on your skin is really big. Facial oils when used correctly can be a complete game changer for your skin. Since ancient times, our…

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