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Layer Your Liner for Flickering Feline Flicks in a Flash – Beauty Article

Kitten flicks with a little flash of glitter give you a lot of bang for your buck. Layering liners. I’ve been doing this a lot lately because 1) it’s fast (since you don’t have to be terribly precise or do any razzle-dazzle complicated eyeshadow blending) and 2) because it lets you unleash the full fury of your creative side by conjuring up all sorts of fun finishes. For this look, I drew a baby cat eye flick on my upper…

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Product Spotlight: MAC Opalescent Powder in Rising Star, From the New Starring You Holiday 2019 Collection – Beauty Article

Shoot for the Stars, Rising Star! This Rising Star from MAC 🌟 is shooting straight to the top of my list of “Best of the Best Makeup to Wear With MAC Teddy.” (Wait…doesn’t everyone keep that list around?) Of all the things in the new MAC Starring You holiday makeup collection (which is the sub-collection of makeup within the mega collection of LE holiday items, including the kits and palettes), warm golden Rising Star ($36) face powder is the 1)…

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Space Buns and Sparkly Purple Lids – Beauty Article

I may or may not have about a billion bobby pins in my hair at the moment. I’m sure this tri-bun hairstyle has an official/formal name, but I intend to call it “space buns,” because there’s something undeniably Star Wars about it… If I were hurtling through space on a rocket bound for Mars, and I was required to wear my hair up (to protect the sensitive electronic equipment from static discharge, you see), you better believe I would NOT…

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3 Tips for Wearing Red Eyeshadow (and a 20-Minute Makeup Look) – Beauty Article

I may or may not be in my pajamas, FYI. Fall-inspired look, TAKE TWO. I think this one’s a little closer in terms of vibe to the Thanksgiving baking accouterments I found at Michael’s the other day… More fall, and less summer, with shimmery reddish copper lids, bronze cheeks and nude-beige lips. I wore it to the bakery the other day… The bakery in my kitchen, THAT IS! Had this on while trying to work out the pumpkin/pecan cupcake situation…

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What I Wore This Week: 2 Looks with Juvia’s Place Warrior III – Beauty Article

Palette of the week: Juvia’s Place Warrior 3 ($20) The radical rainbow in the Warrior 3 Palette by Juvia’s Place is so not in my lane, but sometimes you just gotta go for it…and hope you do enough blending to avoid looking totally bonkers! 😜 These looks were totally inspired by Lizzo’s makeup artist, Alexx Mayo. If you’re ever craving something colorful and need bold eyeshadow inspo, Alexx’s Instagram is a good place to start. I riffed off these two…

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Urban Adventures – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

B-A-N-A-N-A-S In the interest of full disclosure, the only place I went wearing this glittery makeup (Urban Decay, obvs!) was downstairs…and then upstairs…and then downstairs at home because I felt absolutely bonkers wearing it, so perhaps the title of this post should be “Suburban Adventures”? But you know how it is… Sometimes, you gotta just play with glitter, even if it takes you to crazytown. There are some big-@ss flecks of glitter in this look, and yes, they’re HUGE. I…

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Fireworks!!!!! – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

Your Fourth of July fun fact! — aerial fireworks go by several different names, many of which are botanically themed…like peony, dahlia and chrysanthemum. Coincidentally, I was thinking about vibrant, dynamic peonies when I did this eye look. As each boom radiates outward, the circumference of each colorful circle has a defined shape, but as it expands, each individual point of light trails off ever so slightly until it disappears. For the eye, I tried to convey the radiating roundness…

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Easy Everyday Makeup Look: Summer Breeze – Beauty Article

Today I wore this summery look to run a couple errands and drop off Coywolf at her first day of summer fun/school. I used lots of Chanel, with a mix of new and old faves, because I love the way they handle color. They use juuuust enough, so you don’t go from zero to rodeo clown in a hummingbird heartbeat. Swatches and details on the key products down below. Key items Base: All I’m wearing is a 50/50 mix of…

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A Summer Solstice Look: Hot Summer Nights – Beauty Article

Turn up the heat Welcome to summer! (It officially starts today for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, in case you didn’t notice.) Although I’m not a fan of sweltering hot days (especially since we don’t have an air conditioner in our place at the moment), one thing I’ve always loved about summer is when the sun sets and everything cools down juuuuuuust enough so you can walk around comfortably in the evening wearing shorts and a tank top…

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Lady Unicorn – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

GIRL. I haven’t worn big lashes in how long? But it’s just like riding a bike! I’m also wearing a lot of glitter in this lady unicorn look, I know. 🦄 I was inspired by unicorns because my daughter is obsessed with them at the moment, and, let’s face it, so am I. Oh, and body glitter. I’m wearing it too because WHY NOT? FYI, body glitter has come a loooooong way since I wore it back in the day.…

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