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Getting Down To Earth – Faithful to Nature Natural and Organic Blog – Beauty Article

We sat down with Marlize Nel, owner of Down To Earth, to discuss what inspired her to start this all-natural skincare range and what being part of the Faithful To Nature family has meant to her. “For years I have been using the African Potato Cream for my sunburn, never did I dream that I would one day own the brand.” – Marlize Nel Spanning a career of more than 13 years in the financial services sector, I never felt settled…

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Scent-sational and Simple Body Mist Recipes – Beauty Article

We all love smelling good, but perfume can be pretty expensive luxury. Some beauty brands make alcohol-based eau de toilettes, which can be harmful to your skin, while other cosmetic companies use chemicals that consumers have allergies to. Now that people know the truths behind the scents it has caused many to seek alternatives. If you would like to ensure that your body spray is the perfect scent for your personality and lifestyle, as well as cruelty-free, and eco-friendly, why…

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Take The ‘Litter’ Out of Glitter: Biodegradable Glitter at Your Fingertips – Beauty Article

Become a part of the guilt-free glitter revolution! Planning a little ones’ next birthday party? Or perhaps you’re piling tents, camping chairs and fairy lights into your hatchback and heading off to an offbeat music festival? Either way, you can do your bit to take the ‘litter’ out of glitter with the latest innovation in body art and crafts. Now you can shine bright like a diamond while keeping it environmentally conscious with vegan-friendly and cruelty-free biodegradable glitter. Why the…

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