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Drugstore Vegan Skincare Favorites from Pixi | My Beauty Bunny – Beauty Article

People always ask me for cruelty free drugstore beauty and skincare recommendations. I always say the same thing! Pixi is cruelty free, and many of their products are vegan. You can find them online and at Target and CVS stores. But not only that, they make affordable vegan skincare products that actually work! Before we get started with some Pixi beauty reviews, how bout them rainbows huh? I bought a crystal light catcher thingie to add some pizzazz to my…

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Got Dry Skin? Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skincare Can Help! | My Beauty Bunny – Beauty Article

Pixi Beauty Rose Skincare Review Does your skin cry when winter hits? Yeah, mine too. By mid-November I start to feel that dryness set in, and I have to start making bigger changes to my skincare routine. More hydrating products and oils are incorporated and swapping some cleansers that are better suited for my skin take place. Last year, I was introduced to the full Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skincare line and fell in love. My skin looked and felt…

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