How To Improve Gut Health – Beauty Article

Here’s an interesting fact about our body that you might have never heard from anyone before – our gut is called as the “second brain” of the body because there are 100 million neurons in our gut and they are linked directly to the brain. Therefore, maintaining a healthy gut is of supreme importance because an unhealthy gut can lower immunity, increase weight, cause hormonal imbalances, affect mental health, cause endocrine and metabolic disorders, also can cause cancer. So, you…

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Ask Daphne (Javitch): Bloating Be Gone – Beauty Article

This week, holistic nutritionist Daphne Javitch launches a new video series, “Ask Daphne,” which opens with the overly important and underexposed topic of digestion and bloat. Perhaps best known as the founder of @doingwell, Daphne Javitch is an honest, relatable and important voice in the ever-growing world of wellness. So suffice it to say we were thrilled to collaborate on a new educational series with her. This month, Daphne will be fielding questions that our IG community previously submitted on…

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