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Military, first responders, teachers & student discount from Dr. Brite oral care – – Beauty Article

Our mission is to make highly effective, great tasting, toxin-free , cruelty free oral care products available to every household and improve the health and lives of everyone, one smile at a time. Dr Brite is cruelty free, non – GMO, paraben free,  phthalate free, gluten free & sulfate free Dr Brite uses the power of effective, plant-based ingredients to help you shine brite & healthy. That’s why you’ll never find toxins, synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, sweeteners, or colors in any of Dr Brite formulas. As a thank…

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Fluoride varnish- Why is it betterBe Beautilicious – Beauty Article

Our children are the apple of our eyes and as parents, we go to any extent to provide the best for them. How about adding an extra layer of protection to their cute set of pearly whites! If you have ever given a serious thought on this, it is time for you to take your child for a fluoride varnish application session. One must realize that oral health is an essential factor to maintain overall health. Oral health comes from…

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