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Lordy Lordy, I’m Almost 40! A Brightening Eye Cream to Save the Day! | My Beauty Bunny – Beauty Article

YuzuYouth Brightening Eye Cream Most people in Los Angeles never tell their real age. But, you guys know me, I’m nothing if not honest. And I think I look pretty good for my age, so I have no problem telling you I’ll be 40 this year! I can’t really believe it myself. I couldn’t believe it when I turned 30, which now seems kind of funny. And I’m sure when I turn 90 (if I should be so lucky), I’ll…

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Organic Skincare for Mamas and Babies – Giveaway! | My Beauty Bunny – Beauty Article

Avishi Organics Review and Giveaway I have never been a mom (other than a dog and cat mom!), but I know how hard it can be to find skincare products that are safe for expectant or nursing mothers and their babies. I had always heard that you absorb things through your skin. But that never really hit home with me until I tried using topical progesterone cream (a couple of years ago). Even the TINIEST little dab made me feel…

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