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Wellness Edit with Our Flats Stylist – Beauty Article

Wellness Edit with Our Flats Stylist Christine spends most of her day styling vignettes in the abyss of our web studio — now we know her secret to keeping that infectious, wonderful sparkle! Davids Charcoal Toothpaste I’m already a big fan of Davids Natural Toothpaste, so trying this charcoal variety was a no-brainer. It packs the same minty flavor and left my teeth feeling even more clean and fresh than the original. Plus, I can feel good about recycling the…

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Your Blackhead Survival Guide – Beauty Article

While I may always have a smattering of blackheads on my face, it’s far better to learn how to care for and deal with them in a smart way. While I’m the first to admit that there are few things in life more satisfying/gross than successfully squeezing something out of your skin, I’m also the first to admit that self-extractions aren’t a good idea. Especially when it comes to blackheads. After “learning my lesson” more than a few times, I’ve…

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What’s Better Than A Cali Mindset? – Beauty Article

The story of how 31st State got started is a tale as old as time and involves teenage boys, and hormones. When Stephanie Capuano’s two sons hit puberty and began experiencing the skin issues that are so common among teens, she wasn’t thrilled with any of the conventional offerings on the shelf. As a mother, she was concerned not only that what her boys were slathering on their faces would work to calm and heal their skin, but also that…

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A Sheet Mask for Every Body Part—And WHY – Beauty Article

Full body masking? It’s happening, and these are the face, chest (and even feet!) options to take for a summer spin… There’s a reason that Cindy Crawford, the 90s supermodel that put “American girl” glamour on the map, admitted to masking before important photo shoots — it works for every age. For Cindy, a medical-grade silicon patch applied to her décolletage before bed (quite similar to this new Wrinkles Schminkles adaptation) meant that she would wake up with a surprisingly…

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Go Deep WTHN Your Skin – Beauty Article

Co-founder Dr. Shari Auth walks us through how and why to give at-home facial cupping a try and why you shouldn’t be scared of ancient beauty practices. You know that saying, “everything old is new again?” Well, nowhere is that truer than in the world of skincare. Over the last few years, it seems like a “new” ancient self-care technique is reintroduced — and we couldn’t be more psyched about this trend. After all, if something has withstood the test…

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Wildling, I Think I Love You – Beauty Article

Just as a wildling thrives in its natural habitat, this LA-based wellness brand hopes to inspire every human to feel wild and natural, especially in their skin. These days, it seems you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a video of someone dragging a piece of stone over their of-course-luminous face. To the uninitiated, the practice is called “gua sha” and chances are pretty high that the person doing the dragging is Britta Plug, esthetician and holistic health practitioner extraordinaire…

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Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag (Full of Fun Beauty Things) – Beauty Article

Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag (Full of Fun Beauty Things) My friend, are you in desperate need of a bag refresh? If so, there’s no better time to do it than RIGHT NOW. Have you ever had that thing happen where you’re running around like the strong, busy lady you are when you realize you desperately need lip balm/hand cream/floss/anything of the like? You assume you’ve got some in your bag because of course you do but after digging…

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Real FP Customers Are Giving These Four Josie Maran Argan Products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Recommendations – Beauty Article

From “leaves skin soft and balanced” to “very versatile and easy to wear,” real Free People customers sound off on why Josie Maran’s line proves that “beauty products don’t have to be complicated.” There’s a reason that Josie Maran’s products revolve around a single hero ingredient — argan oil is her personal favorite moisturizer. And thanks to her ability to bottle it in its purest form, mix it with other hero ingredients, and simplify the process into a tightly edited…

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The Right Way to Apply Highlighter – Beauty Article

If you’re not interested in learning how to literally make your face seem like it’s glowing from within, that’s fine. But you’ll be missing out on the makeup miracle that is highlighter. Aside from the fact that highlighter is pretty much universally flattering (something no makeup product in the history of makeup products has been able to do since mascara IMHO), its ability to instantly make dull skin light up and accentuate your facial features makes it a must-have. That…

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