It’s MAC Electric Wonder Swatches: That’s Watt’s Up – Beauty Article

ZAP! Ponder, if you would, how much fun it would be to have an electricity-themed dance party. Question: How much fun would it be? Answer: Shockingly fun. 😂 Of course, all of the song titles would have to include a reference to electricity. I suggest we start with the following… Speaking of shocking developments (ha ha), I just realized that it’s a LOT harder to draw a thunderbolt on your arm than you might think. Seriously. Below are swatches of…

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MAC Aladdin Collection Swatches – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

The new limited edition MAC Aladdin Collection, available now Even though I’ve had very little real-life experience with magic lamps, I do know this much: Your wish, no matter what it is, will always end up a little wonky. OK, usually a lot wonky. HELLA WONKS, if you will. Like, if you wish for a million dollars, you’ll get a million dollars…but it’ll be in shredded $5 bills that have been stuffed into random prickly cactus plants spread out across…

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