Monochromatic Makeup With the MAC Loud and Clear Collection and Glow Play Blush: Coral Lids, Lips and Cheeks – Beauty Article

Captain Obvious here, but I am a fervent fan / enthusiastic adherent of monochromatic makeup, and that’s because I only have so many brain cells, and I like not having to expend them all thinking too deeply about matching my lids, lips and cheeks. I’d rather conserve a little more of my life force for other things, ya know? And I need every single drop of life force I can spare to just make it through the day, ha ha…

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Product Spotlight: MAC Opalescent Powder in Rising Star, From the New Starring You Holiday 2019 Collection – Beauty Article

Shoot for the Stars, Rising Star! This Rising Star from MAC 🌟 is shooting straight to the top of my list of “Best of the Best Makeup to Wear With MAC Teddy.” (Wait…doesn’t everyone keep that list around?) Of all the things in the new MAC Starring You holiday makeup collection (which is the sub-collection of makeup within the mega collection of LE holiday items, including the kits and palettes), warm golden Rising Star ($36) face powder is the 1)…

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To Me, From Me – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

You guys, I had to do it! LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT TJ’s! This 12 Days of Beauty gift box is $20, and it comes with 12 beauty minis exclusive to Trader Joe’s. Everything it comes with is listed on the back (and reproduced below), so it’s not a super-hard-to-figure-out surprise…but if you don’t wanna know what it comes with (SPOILER ALERT), look away meow. I’m serious, look away! This is your last warning… Water Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream…

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The MAC Holiday 2019 “Starring You” Collection! (Swatches on NC42 Skin) – Beauty Article

The new limited edition MAC Starring You Holiday 2019 collection, available now As the name would imply, “you,” or “we,” are intended to be stars of this show — the MAC Holiday 2019 “Starring You” collection show — since it’s starring…you, buuuut as much as I love ya, the real stars of this show are the glitter and frost. Sorry! But yeah. Lots. O’. Glitter. This release is all about big bling. Quick MAC backstory: every year, MAC releases a…

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Space Buns and Sparkly Purple Lids – Beauty Article

I may or may not have about a billion bobby pins in my hair at the moment. I’m sure this tri-bun hairstyle has an official/formal name, but I intend to call it “space buns,” because there’s something undeniably Star Wars about it… If I were hurtling through space on a rocket bound for Mars, and I was required to wear my hair up (to protect the sensitive electronic equipment from static discharge, you see), you better believe I would NOT…

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The MAC Pony Park Collection Is Luminous and Lighter Than Air! – Beauty Article

In the MAC Pony Park collection, you’ll find MAC’s latest lippie: a lightweight matte mousse MAC’s new tarot-inspired collab with South Korean beauty blogger Pony Park (a.k.a. Park Hye-Min, a.k.a. a bondafide Instagram mega-star with over six million followers) makes me wish I could find my tarot cards… I had a brief side gig as a tarot card reader, and by “brief,” I mean that it lasted all but a week, because I did one reading on my college roommate’s…

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It’s MAC Electric Wonder Swatches: That’s Watt’s Up – Beauty Article

ZAP! Ponder, if you would, how much fun it would be to have an electricity-themed dance party. Question: How much fun would it be? Answer: Shockingly fun. 😂 Of course, all of the song titles would have to include a reference to electricity. I suggest we start with the following… Speaking of shocking developments (ha ha), I just realized that it’s a LOT harder to draw a thunderbolt on your arm than you might think. Seriously. Below are swatches of…

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MAC Aladdin Collection Swatches – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

The new limited edition MAC Aladdin Collection, available now Even though I’ve had very little real-life experience with magic lamps, I do know this much: Your wish, no matter what it is, will always end up a little wonky. OK, usually a lot wonky. HELLA WONKS, if you will. Like, if you wish for a million dollars, you’ll get a million dollars…but it’ll be in shredded $5 bills that have been stuffed into random prickly cactus plants spread out across…

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