I’m On the Collagen Train — Now What? – Beauty Article

Contrary to what current self-care trends would have you believe, collagen isn’t solely for the benefit of our appearances. What is collagen? Collagen is a critical component of the overall health of a human body (which, yes, includes your skin, but there’s more to collagen than a pretty face!). The most abundant protein in the body — organs, bones, blood vessels, muscles, skin, etc. — it’s the building block that allows our cells to form other structures. To keep the…

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How To Boost Your Collagen With Plants – Beauty Article

Hydrolysed collagen peptides are taking the health and beauty world by storm! With the ability to improve the elasticity of the skin, and reduce wrinkles it has been hailed as a miracle supplement. But since it’s made from animals (most often cows, chickens, and some commercially farmed fish types) vegans and vegetarians have been left in the lurch. If you’re looking for a vegan collagen, or bone broth alternative, you’re in luck! We’ll uncover the fundamental nutrition of your natural…

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