Highlighters Over $15 | 2019 Editor’s Favorites – Beauty Article

As I mentioned in my post on my favorite highlighters under $15, I reviewed over 200 highlighters in 2019!  I love highlighters and blushes that have a two-in-one effect (not quite a duochrome), and Marc Jacobs Jet Girl was a massive favorite (keeping it in my vanity for now!).  The new Milk Flex Highlighters have been kept on my vanity since reviewing them and Blitzed has been the one I’ve reached for most of the four.  I love how sparkling and shiny…

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Highlighters Under $15 | 2019 Editor’s Favorites – Beauty Article

In 2019, I tested just over 200 highlighters, and I’ve broken out my favorites by price point! I loved the ColourPop Lite Stix, which was a cream-based highlighter formula that performed quite well (surprisingly long-wearing for as dewy as it was!). Sydney Grace didn’t let me down after working through most of their highlighter range!  I wish Maybelline would bring back Knockout and make it permanent–it sold out pretty quickly, unfortunately. If you’re unfamiliar with how I like to do…

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Blushes Over $15 | 2019 Editor’s Favorites – Beauty Article

As I mentioned in my favorite blushes under $15 post, I reviewed just over 200 blushes in 2019! These are my more mid-end and high-end favorites from what I reviewed.  BUXOM’s Wanderlust Blush was a nice one, and in all honesty, I forgot all about it until I saw it come up as reviewed in 2019, so I’ll be taking Dolly and Seychelles and putting them in my essentials drawer.  Natasha Denona’s Rayo and Alba are already there! If you’re…

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Blushes Under $15 | 2019 Editor’s Favorites – Beauty Article

With over 200 blushes reviewed in 2019, it takes some ruthlessness to whittle down a list (thank goodness I can at least split between under and over $15). With the addition of ColourPop’s Blush Stix this year, there was a nice influx in cream blushes available, and it was just icing on the cake that they were priced at $8 each.  While Dior’s Hologlam was one of my top product favorites from 2018, Sydney Grace’s Paris Skies occupies that space…

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Cheek Duos & Palettes | 2019 Editor’s Favorites – Beauty Article

2017 was the first time I put together a post featuring my favorite cheek palettes from the year, which was mostly a result of there being enough variety to merit picking favorites, and 2019 didn’t see a slowdown.  I reviewed 62 cheek palettes from duos to trios and larger.  Once you read through my list, it’ll be exceedingly obvious that I favor duos!  I find that duos offer better value–two for the price of one–but are easier to work with,…

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Bronzers | 2019 Editor’s Favorites – Beauty Article

As 2019 winds down, it’s time to kick off my best of 2019 posts! (You can check out best of 2018 if you missed it.) Bronzer is a category that doesn’t get a lot of love throughout the year; there are more reliable, holy grail permanent favorites (like Benefit Hoola) but not a lot of new-for-2019 kind of products.  Below, you’ll find my favorites that I reviewed this year that were available as a standalone product (not in a palette),…

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Best Blushes (2019) | Editor’s Top Picks – Beauty Article

Welcome to my guide to the Best Blushes — 2019 Edition!  Each year, right around the holiday season, I go through and update my top picks across various formulas, and the first updated guide I have for you is all about blush. Each product recommended below has been tested and reviewed by me (and we’ve made looking up reviews and swatches for individual shades easy with drop downs!), so they’re high-performing and well worth considering if you’re on the hunt…

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