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Please, Kelp Yourself – Beauty Article

Listen, Ariel probably rubbed kelp all over your face and hair and that little mermaid has not aged ONE DAY. If you’ve ever been to the beach, chances are you’re already familiar with kelp. Maybe you accidentally stepped in a pile of the stuff during a stroll on the beach, or nudged some out of the way to make space for your towel, or jumped when some brushed against your leg while wading, or swam amongst it during a particularly…

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How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face and Body? – Beauty Article

Exfoliating is not that complicated, especially if you follow this easy guide for face and body (and for always) care… Exfoliating is an important yet often misunderstood beauty ritual. Sloughing your skin too often can cause irritation and yet not doing it at all can lead to build-up of dead cells (and a lot of dullness). Then there’s the issue of should you exfoliate your face as often as your body? So many questions. We’re here with some answers —…

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