10 Surprising Reasons That Cause your Skin to Breakout – Beauty Article

A pimple here, a pimple there, next morning are there pimples everywhere? Sounds familiar to you? Alas ladies, this is something we all go through at some point in our lives and cannot do very much about it, except take precautions and follow remedies that shall give you a clear complexion. Till then read on to find out, surprising reasons that could be causing those little pesky things to pop up unexpectedly. 1. Rapunzel, oh Rapunzel let down thy Hair:…

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7 Tips for Clear Skin This Holiday Season – Beauty Article

You’ve spent the past year focusing on your skin, so don’t let the hectic holiday season put an end to your clear complexion. Just follow our 7 easy tips for clear skin and you’ll be sure to have a fresh face through the new year! Drink Water This will benefit so much more than just your skin, which is why it’s #1. You’ll likely be eating and drinking to the fullest and we don’t blame you- we’re all about balance…

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How to Use Witch Hazel in Your Skincare Routine – Beauty Article

The more popular something becomes, the more people try to cheapen or “dupe” it. The same goes for skincare. We’ve seen a rise in both interest and general knowledge of skincare routines, formulas and products, yet we continue to see clients who insist on creating DIY formulas for skin concerns that could easily be remedied with the right over the counter product. You may think that making your own products is the answer, but we’re here to (gently) remind you…

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What’s Better Than A Cali Mindset? – Beauty Article

The story of how 31st State got started is a tale as old as time and involves teenage boys, and hormones. When Stephanie Capuano’s two sons hit puberty and began experiencing the skin issues that are so common among teens, she wasn’t thrilled with any of the conventional offerings on the shelf. As a mother, she was concerned not only that what her boys were slathering on their faces would work to calm and heal their skin, but also that…

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