Benefit Cookie Box o’ Powder Highlighter Review & Swatches – Beauty Article

Cookie Benefit Cookie Box o’ Powder Highlighter ($30.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a light, peachy gold with strong, warm yellow-orange undertones and a luminous sheen. It had rich color payoff in a single layer, though a lighter hand could be used to build up coverage more gradually if preferred. The powder had a smooth, silky feel to it, which made it seem more cream-like, but it was definitely a powdery. I felt like the creaminess enabled it to blend out…

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Benefit Tickle Box o’ Powder Highlighter Review & Swatches – Beauty Article

Tickle Benefit Tickle Box o’ Powder Highlighter ($30.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a brighter, bubblegum pink base with heavy, golden shimmer that gave it a more metallic finish. The interplay between the cooler-toned pink base with the warmer, golden shimmer gave it a more contrasting appearance when applied to my skin, so it looked like I applied both a blush and highlighter together. I wish we saw more of these types of products on the market because they do some…

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Fireworks!!!!! – Makeup and Beauty Blog – Beauty Article

Your Fourth of July fun fact! — aerial fireworks go by several different names, many of which are botanically themed…like peony, dahlia and chrysanthemum. Coincidentally, I was thinking about vibrant, dynamic peonies when I did this eye look. As each boom radiates outward, the circumference of each colorful circle has a defined shape, but as it expands, each individual point of light trails off ever so slightly until it disappears. For the eye, I tried to convey the radiating roundness…

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We’ve Got a Benefit Brow Offer That You Won’t Want To Miss – Beauty Article

Brows… We love them, adore them, we can’t live without them. They have the ability to elevate your look and add a quick hint of definition to even the barest of faces. With more and more people claiming brows as their desert island beauty essential, there’s no denying that our eyebrows mean a lot to us. Here at Debenhams we aren’t afraid to shout about how much we love our brows or that we love to take care of them.…

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