Stay-At-Home Glamour: Why Lounging In Is The New Going Out – Beauty Article

Stay-At-Home Glamour: Why Lounging In Is The New Going Out Refills are free, pillow talk is flowing, life is good… Already feeling like skipping the elaborate restaurant dinner you tentatively agreed to maybe join if absolutely nothing else comes up eventually? Truly, you aren’t alone. We’re kind of riiiiight in the middle of a cultural phenomenon where the cool kids aren’t following the old-school rules anymore. It’s quite possibly the first time in history that a good time isn’t really…

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Nailpad | British Beauty Blogger – Beauty Article

[productsample] This is a handy (cough) little accessory for anyone who is clumsy with their nail polish. I’m usually pretty good but a pair of pyjamas with a dot of orange polish on them for ever emphasises the ‘usually’ :-). Nailpad So, Nailpad is a portable pod that folds out to reveal a bottle holding slot on one side and a sort of fin on the other side that you can slide between your knees to ‘grip’ it so that…

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Funmi Fetto Palette The Beauty Bible For Women of Colour – Beauty Article

[affiliatelink] Well, this has been a long time coming! Who doesn’t love a ‘beauty bible’ with a trusted source at the helm that can give you a proper low-down on all things beauty. Funmi Fetto has had a long and illustrious career in beauty – she’s currently Glamour Executive Editor and Beauty Director and an Observer columnist – and was moved to write Palette because ‘women of colour want to be able to walk into any mainstream store selling beauty…

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Clean Up Your Act – Beauty Article

I decided it was only fair to give baths a real shot, and let me be the first to admit I did not know what I was missing. Baths are the best.   Confession time: up until about a year ago, I hated baths. While I’d been lucky enough to live in a variety of apartments that all had tubs (a luxury, I’m told), I almost never took advantage of the bathroom feature. Instead of using my bathtubs as they…

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The Healing Power of Plants – Beauty Article

For plant-based beauty line Earth Tu Face, the best decisions are those that benefit both Earth and ourselves. Plants were always destined to play a leading role in Sarah Buscho’s life. When she was a child, Sarah’s father tended to an exquisite garden in California in his spare time. It was here she found herself always making things out of petals, fruit, seeds and leaves. “His love of plants inspired me, and made nature feel like home.” Unfortunately, Sarah also…

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Wellness Edit with Our Flats Stylist – Beauty Article

Wellness Edit with Our Flats Stylist Christine spends most of her day styling vignettes in the abyss of our web studio — now we know her secret to keeping that infectious, wonderful sparkle! Davids Charcoal Toothpaste I’m already a big fan of Davids Natural Toothpaste, so trying this charcoal variety was a no-brainer. It packs the same minty flavor and left my teeth feeling even more clean and fresh than the original. Plus, I can feel good about recycling the…

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Paul & Joe Seasonal Collection 2019 – Beauty Article

[productsample] There was never going to be any chance of the rest of the seasonal collection from Paul & Joe being as spectacular as the advent calendar but if you don’t want to go all-in with the most expensive product they’re offering this time, these are the little ‘fancies’ that will be available from Novemeber 1st. Paul & Joe Seasonal Collection 2019 These two tins contain a moisturising hand cream – they remind me a bit of Steam Cream because…

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Your Blackhead Survival Guide – Beauty Article

While I may always have a smattering of blackheads on my face, it’s far better to learn how to care for and deal with them in a smart way. While I’m the first to admit that there are few things in life more satisfying/gross than successfully squeezing something out of your skin, I’m also the first to admit that self-extractions aren’t a good idea. Especially when it comes to blackheads. After “learning my lesson” more than a few times, I’ve…

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Paul & Joe Make Up Collection 2019 – Beauty Article

[productsample] Yes, yes it is…. an Advent Calendar. But Paul & Joe call it a Make Up Collection so I have too. I always have qualms about posting things like this too early but I followed a thread on Twitter the other day where everyone was saying that they like to have earlier information so they can plan, either financially, or to be organised. Plus, I’m bursting to share it because it’s so lovely. Paul & Joe Make Up Collection…

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What’s Better Than A Cali Mindset? – Beauty Article

The story of how 31st State got started is a tale as old as time and involves teenage boys, and hormones. When Stephanie Capuano’s two sons hit puberty and began experiencing the skin issues that are so common among teens, she wasn’t thrilled with any of the conventional offerings on the shelf. As a mother, she was concerned not only that what her boys were slathering on their faces would work to calm and heal their skin, but also that…

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Finding (The) Sanctuary in Montauk – Beauty Article

If you find yourself in Montauk this September, The Surf Lodge’s The Sanctuary is holding space for your — and  your gym bag’s — wellbeing… Montauk, in spite of its growing incantation as a thriving summer mecca, remains peaceful at heart — accepting and resilient, and quick to revert into a sleepy sort of existence once the annual migration of city folk subsides. “The End,” nicknamed that because Montauk sits at the literal end of Long Island, beckons people to…

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Ask Daphne (Javitch): Bloating Be Gone – Beauty Article

This week, holistic nutritionist Daphne Javitch launches a new video series, “Ask Daphne,” which opens with the overly important and underexposed topic of digestion and bloat. Perhaps best known as the founder of @doingwell, Daphne Javitch is an honest, relatable and important voice in the ever-growing world of wellness. So suffice it to say we were thrilled to collaborate on a new educational series with her. This month, Daphne will be fielding questions that our IG community previously submitted on…

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