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What’s Your Role In The Party Ecosystem? How to Play to Your Strengths – Beauty Article

Whether you’re hosting, avoiding toasting, feeling all the energy, or just trying to have a good time, your natural instincts are already perfect…  As prime soiree season arrives to the scents of santal and melting Red Hots, let the tour de party begin. What to bring (a cutie gift!), what to wear, what to prepare? Your choices all play into the concept that yes, you can just be yourself and therefore, a festive shining star filling exactly the role that…

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The Global Skincare Buzz Fueled By French-Girl Hemp and Korean-Beloved Bees – Beauty Article

French girls ride the hemp wave, and South Korea wants bees to live their best lives, too. There’s a new buzz in beauty town, and it’s coming from two faraway places. French girls are finally riding the hemp wave, and have (of course) taken it one step further. French native Laure Bouguen, a pink-haired pixie with an entrepreneurial edge, was inspired to make it third-gen family legacy by her grandparents who grew cannabis in the 60s for paper production. Now…

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Real FP Customers Are Giving These Four Josie Maran Argan Products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Recommendations – Beauty Article

From “leaves skin soft and balanced” to “very versatile and easy to wear,” real Free People customers sound off on why Josie Maran’s line proves that “beauty products don’t have to be complicated.” There’s a reason that Josie Maran’s products revolve around a single hero ingredient — argan oil is her personal favorite moisturizer. And thanks to her ability to bottle it in its purest form, mix it with other hero ingredients, and simplify the process into a tightly edited…

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How to Accessorize Half-Updos Like The Runways – Beauty Article

So little effort, so much payoff… Editorial stylist Erickson Arrunategui makes the season’s easy hair look even easier… “Fashion week hair has been really laid back,” admits NYC-based stylist Erickson Arrunategui, who you may already recognize for his work with FP beauties like Taylor LaShae. “The updos still have that effortless vibe. The runway is a time to focus on the fashion — the hair should go with the look, but not overpower it.” Like music to our ears, Erickson hits on…

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