How To Treat A Sunburn – Beauty Article

What exactly IS a sunburn? Is it really possible to make the pain and redness and embarrassment go away? Yes, it most certainly is… So you had a little too much fun in the sun and now you’re paying the price to the tune of hot, itchy, red skin? No judgement — we’ve all been there. And hopefully, the discomfort you’re dealing with will serve as a nice reminder for next time to never skimp on SPF. But, in the…

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How to (Use) Blush – Beauty Article

An unfortunate incident as a teenager quickly humbled me in the presence of blush. Today I’m here to impart my learnings onto you… The first time I remember being horribly embarrassed by my mother was when I was 14 years old. I had somehow gotten my hands on a bunch of cheap makeup (thanks, suburban shopping malls!) and decided to experiment with it right before a family dinner. I thought I looked amazing; that I’d really nailed the whole no-makeup-makeup…

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