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‘American Beauty’ Star Season 2 Winner

@AMERICANBEAUTYSTAR/INSTAGRAM Last night’s live episode of American Beauty Star was full of gorgeous looks and shocking twists. The stakes were high: The winner was poised to take home more than $100,000 worth of cash and prizes, plus the opportunity to have their work featured in Cosmopolitan. The season finale was different from previous episodes, not only because it was filmed live, but also because the judges didn’t get to decide the winner—the fate of the contestants was up to the…

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Céline Dion Is the New Global Spokseperson for L’Oréal Paris –

There’s no stopping Céline Dion. The singer has sold more than 245 million albums worldwide and created the soundtracks to our lives (choice breakup anthem: “All By Myself”). Her prolific career has not only endured, but thrived since the early ’90s. She’s currently in the eighth year of her second Las Vegas concert residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace which will end on June 8. She’s also constantly reinventing herself, emerging as a fashion icon in recent years and…

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Curious About Clean Beauty? Here Are 4 Things to Know

You know that clean beauty is good for you, but do you actually know what clean beauty is? It can be tricky to figure out, because “clean” and “natural” (the other word that’s become ubiquitous in beauty marketing) can mean a lot of different things. That’s because there’s still no standard definition for these terms in the U.S. Perhaps renewed pressure will help move things forward. The Editorial Board of The New York Times recently made a plea for reforms,…

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This $8 Drugstore Liquid Liner Gives Me the Easiest, Most Perfect Cat Eye

Winged eyeliner is more than just part of an everyday beauty routine. A perfect wing—or cat eye, my preferred term—implies glamour and precision. That’s why it’s hilarious when people compliment me on my perfect cat eye. I’m neither glamorous (I might be wearing pajama pants right now) nor precise (when was I born again?). Nope, my clear, steady, and bold eye look is the result of one product alone (and 10+ years of practice): a black liquid liner. While I’ve…

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What Are Sebaceous Filaments? – Difference of Sebaceous Filaments vs. Blackheads

So, you think you’ve got a blackhead. You’ve tried everything to get rid of it—peel-off masks, nose strips—to no avail. What you thought was clogging your pores (that gross gunk and dead skin!) is not coming out. Not even the best magnifying mirror can reveal what is going on. If you’ve ever been in this predicament, chances are you don’t actually have blackheads but are actually suffering from sebaceous filaments. Sebaceous filaments are a natural part of the skin’s follicle…

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Why I Don’t Mind the Gap (Between My Front Teeth)

High school kids are the worst kind of mean. They’re not mature enough to hold their most evil thoughts in, but talented enough to pinpoint the very thing you are self-conscious about—then weaponize it. In high school, the gap between my two front teeth was the thing I most hated, so, naturally, it was the quality the gang of bullies took the most pleasure in calling out. Now, I’m of two minds about my gap teeth: somedays, the words of…

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Helena Rubinstein, The Adventure of Beauty Exhibition

A visionary women and iconoclast in every area in which she became involded, Helena Rubinstein’s itinerary and temperament showed audacity and intuition pushing back the limits of cosmetic efficacy and offering women the power of beauty. The Helena Rubinstein brand has, for the past 10 years, assembled several thousand patrimonial pieces (photos, articles, products…), to which have been added numerous sculptures and paintings, making this exhibition possible, and retracing chronologically and geographically the journey of this exceptional entrepreneur whom Jean…

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Diversity and Inclusion at L’Oréal: How does it work and why is it so important?

Our Vision We believe in a world where all people have a voice and all people can contribute. We believe that a policy of Diversity and Inclusion opens the door for people of different cultures, life experiences and backgrounds to learn from one another and work together for better communities and better companies. Our Mission As a company whose mission is to inspire beauty for people around the globe, our team members and suppliers must reflect the world’s diversity, empowered…

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Bella Hadid Goes Back to Original Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images For years, Bella Hadid has been darkening her hair jet black or chocolate brown—a point of differentiation from her honey blonde sister Gigi and a reflection, she has said, of her “darker personality.” Now, she’s back to her dirty blonde roots, with a color we’re calling Golden Hour Blonde. The 22-year-old shared a close-up image to show off her fresh new dye job that’s reminiscent of her natural hair color. The photo caption reads, “Back to…

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8 Best Hot Rollers – How to Use Hot Rollers

I used to think hot rollers were a vintage (read: outdated) styling tool. Something my grandmother used. With a seemingly infinite array of wands, irons, and other high-tech hair innovations, what could rollers give me that my existing arsenal didn’t? The answer, it turns out, is instant volume—a lot of it—and ultimate convenience. After experimenting with hot rollers myself, I gawked at how much height and body my naturally pin-straight hair, which usually barely holds a curl, possessed. On dry…

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